Saturday, April 16, 2011

from kathy

this one is more like a bookmark. it is only the black part. when i scanned it, i left a chunk of white where you could put an make it look more like an envelope.


  1. Very elegant, Kathy. I love the interesting figure/ground interplay. Maybe this design could work for Graceful Envelope? Is anyone else out there a little frustrated by this year's theme? I spent most of the evening yesterday trying to come up with ideas for *Time Flies* and didn't like any of them, but this one is good.

  2. the paper was from an 'envelope' for a tie or some such...very black and shiny...if i remember, i used it a couple of times

    when the dc guild first posted the theme, i printed it so as to be at the ideas came to me and definitely no envelopes...this was ging to be my first try

    as jean says...sigh

  3. Oh, I hope you will enter, Kathy! You've got a number of pieces that seem highly adaptable to this year's theme - this one, your circles - to name a couple. Meanwhile, everything I'm currently working is just all wrong for this year. I am thinking this is a theme for me to sit out - but I know Jean would love to be able to announce your success here!

  4. One thing - about envelopes - don't be afraid to try folding your own. If you have a large sheet of random marks, take a viewfinder and pick an area. Then cut out beyond the view and fold back. I find this method less intimidating and more spontaneous than envelopes.