Thursday, April 21, 2011

from nan

this is from nan deluca. she is a calligrapher who lives in the village in nyc. she does beautiful work and is frequently published in the bride magazines. we met about ten years ago and i have a nice collection of her work. the idea we can all steal from nan is the birthday *card* it is the size of a business card. you don't need to fill an envelope with a traditional card. this reminds me of the old victorian calling cards. back in the day, scribes would sit and write out people's names by hand, on little cards, that were used as calling cards. today we text and tweet. maybe the scribes can start making little spencerian tweets and text messages to hand out...using the lingo of the day, like OMG or whatever those expressions are...i only know that one. i guess i know LOL and maybe FOCROF.

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