Wednesday, April 6, 2011

from kathy

when i opened the blog this morning, there was no scan and no description, just a title that said *more black* i pulled this scan out of the list of scheduled posts. it is now a foreshadowing of things to come. it was taking so much time to scan the *mara* envelopes, that i switched to a set of envelopes from kathy to me...for a birthday a while back. i jokingly told her that she owed me a set, since i had done 60 for her 60th, and she took me seriously. but, she must have been intrigued with the challenge. maybe she will post a comment and tell us if it was a fun challenge or if it was a big chore.

i would also be interested to know if other people are sending out any mass mailings for special occasions.

on this one, she deconstructed the envelope, cut out the name, reconstructed the envelope and then put a nice piece of paste paper inside. very cool. for those of you who do not know what paste paper is, there are many ways to make it, but essentially, you take wallpaper paste, add colors and then use tools to spread it around the paper and make designs.

some people call it *adult finger-painting* because it is an advanced form of that technique. i tried it once, and for someone who likes to scribble, i would have thought i would like it, but, luckily, it is one technique that did not draw me in.

you would not want to send an envelope like this through the mail. it would tear, unless you adhered the paste paper to the envelope.


  1. it was a fun and big challenge. i wanted to surprise jean so, being very slow at this, holed up in the basement for a couple of months making the envelopes. jean thought i fell off the world. clearly many were extensions of the art of the stamp rather than inspired by elements of the stamp. and, while i was certainly challenged and anxious, i loved doing it especially because she had no idea. once again, none were individually mailed but arrived in a box which may have been ups'ed because...
    i haven't seen these in a while, i had forgotten the one above, but, every once in a while, i will see a stamp i used and remember.
    BTW, they sent to arrive by April 11.

  2. thanks for letting me know that this was not a hideous chore. of course, the hint about what day you sent them is very clever, but i suspect nobody will send me envelopes, because they are afraid i will post their work to the blog...why do you think people are so shy about having their work posted out in public?

  3. I would hazard a guess about that, but I'm shy about having my guess read by everyone on the blog.