Sunday, April 17, 2011

from kathy

i've noted previously that kathy likes to put stamps on up-side-down. not sure how the dandelion ties in . maybe when i see this one big, on the blog, i'll figure out her inspiration. love the dots..


  1. the flower head was supposed to mimic the blotchy scale pattern on the ray
    i haven't seen the stamp in a long time, but i believe the center of the pattern on the animal is as a yellow dot which explains the dotted jean wilson etc...
    i believe that, upside down, the curve of the ray is repeated in the stem
    please note, it is early and i have not had enough coffee

  2. thanks for the comments. even if you become fully caffeinated, i don't expect you to remember your exact train of thought. here is a long, but very good read on the creative process.


    another place to see some nice artwork. this comment does not belong here, but, i think it will reach more people if i put it here.
    there is a place on google that tracks how many times my blog has been viewed. we are at 27,000+
    views. that's pretty amazing.

  4. last post...but, i had not looked at every single saul steinberg link, and when i went back to finish, and clicked on *1948 drawing* i knew i had to post it it is so perfect to go with people who love to write/draw and circles.

  5. really...this is the last post
    just thought i would mention that stealing is ok for learning, not ok to turn around and sell an idea that you ripped off. as peter thornton calls it *steal and conceal. as long as you do something that changes it, it's OK. he frequently tells students, *oh, that is very nice...i will be stealing that idea.*