Sunday, April 3, 2011


such a nice stamp. i tried some kumquat lettering. the stamp is so dramatic. i've been using it a lot on black envelopes. not sure i like it on white. tomorrow there will be one on black.

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  1. ok, this is a criticism, but, it is not at myself, it is an objective comment about how the d-b-b strokes stair-step down to the right. it makes a bit of a triangle. i think it would have looked better if one of the b's had the tallest stroke. therefore, this design does not get an A.
    of course, the tape holding the fake address on leads the eye even further down, which is too bad.

    and i saw a website all about fake journals. while some people (archeologists) are trying to dig into the past and figure things out. others are trying to leave confusing items for future archeologists.

    here is the fake journal blog...