Thursday, April 28, 2011

post secret

post secret is a web site where people post secrets they have never told. i was thinking that i would post about going to the p.o. today with these envelopes, and then deciding i liked them so much, i needed to bring them home and scan them. but, i figured the story isn't very interesting unless you see the envelopes. so, i'll post it here.

i used ziller ink, so they are waterproof.

last week, i knew this mailing was coming up and i asked the lady at the counter at the p.o. if it was OK to address the biz envelopes in a vertical orientation. she's usually very friendly and appreciates the arty envelopes...but she said that if they wanted to reject them, they could for not complying with the rules. i suggested that by putting on enough postage, they should be required to deliver it no matter how it was addressed. she said, no...
so, i need to investigate this further. i always thought that if you paid the extra postage for non-conforming mail, you were assured of delivery. and i suspect that every postal worker will have their own opinion about what's allowed and what's not allowed.

so here is a bonus post, because technically, the other post was not an envelope...
although nobody complained.

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