Friday, April 29, 2011

need a video of this one

in addition to this being an all time favorite stamp, i like that j a lot. i need to make a video of how this one opens. that won't happen in the near future, but i will label this note-to-self so that i do get back to it.

you can see a bit of the flap, and the rug is holding it closed


  1. This is a perfect example of why we should eventually do an exhibit of the work featured on this blog - sometimes you really want to see how these pieces are constructed. I really like the dot on the j with this stamp. Nice!

  2. how about a traveling exhibit? put the stuff in a box and mail it to each other.

  3. That's a great idea - there are some places around here that might be interested:-) I could start asking around, if you're serious about this - after you've fully recuperated from the wedding, of course.

  4. Oh, and I went to the Titian exhibit yesterday at the MIA, and saw some nice framing jobs of double-sided drawings, so now I know how to present the ones that need both sides viewed.

  5. frames....
    i was just thinking of a box of mail
    and it goes to one person and they get to look at it...
    and then mail it on to the next person...
    if it is going to hang in a space...
    then...there is the decision of what to hang
    how do you see that decision being made?

  6. Right after I made my comments, I realized what you'd meant, then agonized over whether or not to delete what I wrote. Since I don't like to make too many *this post has been removed by the author* comments, I just left them and figured you'd find some way to make everything all better. Naturally, I am relieved to know for certain that I don't have to put together a mail art exhibit! I promised myself after the last exhibit I did that I wouldn't go to the trouble of framing and organizing anything until I was serious about selling the artwork. Problem with mail art - and the reason your blog is a better idea - is that this kind of work is a pretty tough sell.