Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Leslie's spider web and Kelly K

Our first Halloween idea.

LOL -- this is a real time comment. Yesterday, I talked about the beginning of the halloween themed mail. Clearly, I thought this was the first one. 
Embrace the chaos.
You can say that again.
Although, it was fun to see that I *dated* the post -- so -yes- a bunch of posts that are coming up were written long before the pandemic hit.

A very clever use of the Kelly artwork. Clever way to add another faux-stamp.

Cute spider.

Interesting spider web ---
I remember last year, I sent Leslie a spider themed envelope and added a note that the spiders must have been on LSD.

Maybe I can find it and post it tomorrow.

Keep in mind, I am writing this on the Friday after 2019 Thanksgiving. 2020 is the year of *get 'er done.*

Embrace the chaos.

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