Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nov 2018 PTEX to Trish + Scribal Article

When it came time to add the address and stamps I realized that I did not need the Pueblo pot. So, this one ended up with the doll gazing at the fireworks.

The lettering was strange. It felt like steampunk. I rather liked it and was not crazy about those stamps. The lettering needs something else - but without a perfect stamp - I figured it was fine to send. Everyone is going to benefit from me getting unhitched from my millstone.

I can't think of an expression for this situation. Shackles seems too dramatic. And yet, a cartoon of me - with the ball and chain thing - but instead of a ball, there are postage stamps... I hope I can restrain myself from doing an image search and finding a really good cartoon that I can morph into me.

Two minutes later - tons of cute cartoons. The ball and chain is not the same as shackles.

There seems to be no end to the fascinating articles on the internet.
This one is even scribal-related


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