Monday, February 11, 2019

Bonus Post - BIG STUFF

Today's regular post is right below.

That photo needs something to illustrate that the envelope is 2-feet x 3-feet. Mr. Wilson has been lured into helping at a food pantry at one of the neediest elementary schools in Des Moines. I'll reshoot it and add another photo at the bottom.

Someone else has been picking up nearly expired food from a grocery store and rushing it to the food pantry on the day that people pick up their food.

Mr. Wilson volunteered me to write out the card and envelope to thank the people at the grocery store. Kids at the school will sign their names. Most people would get all nervous about writing so big and with no opportunity to make an error.

I made a very light, light-gray pencil base line for the name on the envelope. Then I eyeballed the rest of it. It would have been prettier with the name in white - but I did not have time to go buy a nice new white PITT marker. Besides, half the time I try to buy something locally it is out of stock. I used metallic Sharpies for the rest of it.

As you may recall, I frequently recommend writing things once or twice on scratch paper...and below is an example of how I followed my own advice.

With a regular coffee cup

With an A7 envelope

By the way -- Mr. Wilson was thrilled with his birthday cards. That's one of them in the photo. As soon as all of them arrive, I will post them. He kept asking me how he was supposed to thank the senders. I told him I would take care of it. His food pantry work is pretty demanding. Besides - nobody would be able to read his handwriting. I'll look for a sample to prove my point. Sometimes he brings me his hand-written to-do lists and asks me if I can figure them out.....

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