Saturday, January 12, 2019

Aug 2018 PTEX to Janet - whole font

This envelope had been in my stack for a long long time. I'm sure it would not take long to find the font on Pinterest and I hope I can add a link.

I'm 99% sure that Janet used the font on a return envelope. She's been doing a good job of spinning ideas back and forth with me. I'd steal a ton more stuff from her, but she spends a lot of time on each envelope - more than I am currently allowing myself. But - that might change. Certain things on the to-do list are officially done.

Saturday morning - surf time.
I found it


  1. I need to make sure that the mail exchanged with this Janet includes her last initial - JanetR. Yesterday - the mail was to JanetW. I think I have a total of 3 Janets.

  2. This is a lovely exemplar. I like how you matched it to the color of the stamp.