Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oct Exchange - 2nd Layer - Thomas & Shana

I only had one green envelope and one blue envelope so I wasn't sure if I would choke or do something nice. So far, just *OK* on these two. The addresses will have to have something fun to really make the envelopes pleasing to my eye.

There is also the issue of these being 37-cent stamps. I need to add some postage which will mess them up entirely. But, that's the way it goes. Jean is a lot less compulsive these days.


  1. Loved my envelope even thought the postman didn't seem to care for it and returned it to you. The second sending came through perfectly with the exact same address...I would post pictures but doesn't seem I have an option to do that....bummer

    1. you can always send images to me and i can post them

    2. or better yet, start a blog of your own :-)

    3. A blog of my own?!?! yikes, that's a scary thought but I've thought of in the past.....I'll send the "postal" pics and you can do whatever you would like with them! :)