Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Birthday Club - another opportunity to exchange

Yes, those are Christmas presents. Just use a different stamp and make them other colors and they will be birthday presents.

One of the regular exchangers asked about exchanging birthday cards. This was exactly one day after I was thinking about adding a birthday feature to the exchanges.

So, I am going to offer two opportunities for observing birthdays.

The first way is to sign up for the OPTIONAL birthday list. Send me your name and address along with the month and day of your birthday and I will email a list to people who are interested in exchanging birthday cards. It will be an honor system. I will not follow up to see if people are actually doing it. If you feel like you do not get as many as you send, just ask to be removed from the list. You have to be a recognized person from past exchanges for me to put you on the list. If you are new to exchanging you have to sign up for a regular exchange and show that you can meet a deadline before I put you on the birthday list. Not that anyone would sign up to get birthday mail with no intention of sending any. I know none of you would do that - but - I am the empress of envelopes and I get to set the rules.

The second way to get birthday mail will be to tell me the month and date of your birthday and I will add it to the regular exchange lists that go out. If you want to mention that you will be hitting a BIG ONE, you may do so. For example, I am hitting 65 on April 11, so, I might put that on the April exchange list and anyone who wants to add candles and Medicare to my exchange envelope may do so.

Again, it will be optional to turn your exchange envelopes into birthday greetings on the regular exchanges. In general, everyone gets all their mailings done on time. So, I do not want to complicate the process - just add a simple option.

If anyone has any additional  suggestions, let me know.

Otherwise, to be on the BIRTHDAY CLUB LIST - which is a new way to exchange - send me:

In the subject line of the email, please put:
In the body of the email, please put:
Birthday - Month/Date (add the Year, only if you care to)

I will send out the list by the end of the month and update it as necessary.

If you just want to add your birthday to the regular exchanges
DO NOT send that info now - just wait for the regular sign-ups.
I will have a reminder when the February exchange sign-up rolls around.

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