Monday, January 23, 2017

ARF - Oct Exchange - 2nd Layer - Karen, Florence, Hester, Maggie

I had 5 of these pink envelopes left over. The paper was different and a little bleedy. Also, switching to something other than the white PITT set me back. So, I have nothing to say about these and am adding ARF to the title, so that I can add something wonderful as a bonus post, spontaneously. Sometimes I regret that I have to schedule my posts so far into the future. But, it is also like a diary for me. In January, when I check to see what I wrote 3 months ago - it's an interesting reminder of the olden days. P.S. Blogger is free and also annoying. It won't let me arrange the page today. 

The answer to the earlier question about how long I would sustain the good stuff - is- not very long. I peaked - then crashed. Some days are like that....I don't let it bother me as I know too many people who have far greater problems than arfy envelopes.

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  1. I guess I should be more specific about why these are so bad. The idea isn't bad. What's bad is that when I switched to a new paper, I lost the momentum from the others where I loosened up and there was some *life* to the strokes. These are heavy and plodding. Instead of hopping and skipping across the page, the letters are on a forced march. Some days are like that.