Thursday, January 12, 2017

Final Details on Pitt Marker Dots

After trying both white and black for addresses, the white seems better. The bottom one has the addition of black shadow, which is nice. The top one was the last one, where I was getting looser. Fun.

The right stamps would make or break these envelopes. They are just demos with fake addresses, so I do not need to stress over the stamps. I'm actually writing these posts at the end of September when I am also having conversations with more than one reader about how to do really loose, wonky lettering and still make them fun. I hope they illustrate that you do not have to be a serious lettering artist to make very nice envelopes.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. You make it look easy and natural...

    1. Thx. I really hope I can figure out some quick and easy video options. Videos are so much better for showing how-tos.