Friday, January 6, 2017

Svalbard Mailbox

My son was on a ski trip in Svalbard and came across the world's largest mailbox. A while back he sent me a postcard from Antarctica. The link to the article explains that this is just for fun, even though it is right next to the actual post office. It would have been fun to get real mail from Svalbard. If I had done a good job of parenting him, he would have sent mail from all seven continents. I suppose I could talk him into returning to all of the continents with the condition that he send mail.

Svalbard is the unincorporated island where the Global Seed Vault is located.

Here is an article about the mailbox.

Since this is an off topic day, I will add ancient photos of the Jean who does not need to find adventures on other continents. All I need is a local workshop with the illustrious Peter Thornton, the guy in the black shirt. This was my very first calligraphy workshop - at least 20 years ago. I had only taken one italic class and one pointed brush class. Peter launched my career. In the top photo, I am sitting next to Barbara Bruene. During lunch, someone asked me if I was intimidated sitting next to Barbara. I was such a beginner, I did not even know who she was. She taught calligraphy at Iowa State University and is very well known in calligraphic circles. That she was attending a class with Peter illustrates that no matter how far along you are on the learning curve, it is still worthwhile to attend a workshop with someone you admire.

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    This link is to a huge mailbox near where I live.