Monday, January 23, 2017

Bonus Post - Magic Notebook

When I woke up this morning and checked the blog, I cringed. The 4 envelopes in the daily post offend my eyeballs. I might have to remove them. I went out surfing to see what I would find to make today a good-post-day and -yowza- this looks like fun.

and then I found the Rocketbook Wave - similar to Everlast

The following comment is from the website:

Erase and Reuse

When you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can erase your notes using your microwave oven and reuse your notebook. Seriously.
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Seriously??? I already have Pilot FriXion pens. The microwave? I don't know---it's all so space age.

I do not have time to read all about these two items. They seem cooler-than-heck. Maybe I can get one as my reward for when I successfully complete the big mission.*

Anyhow - squint when you look at the daily blog post so that those envelopes don't hurt your eyes or give you aesthetic nightmares. 

*Progress report. Yesterday I managed to arrange the closet in my new improved mini-studio so that all of the *stuff* is visible. Previously, the *stuff* was arranged two-deep so that it was a struggle to access the things in the back. There is one file box, on the floor, in front of the others - but it is the master file of all my exemplars which I am hoping to convert to entirely electronic and store in enough electronic places that I will be assured of not losing them. The BHB [BigHelpfulBrother] should be preparing to advise me on where exactly I should store my electronic files. Lemon meringue pie will be provided as a thank you.

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