Monday, January 16, 2017

Oct Exchange - 2nd layer - Anne & Rachael

After the first layer with the white FC PITT marker I added colored pencil. There are various ways to choose which spaces you color in. Because some letters take up space, but others do not, you have to think about where you are going to fill in spaces.

Or, you can just fill in all the spaces as I did on the bottom one. It really depends on the letters involved and how compulsive you are about having a system.

I normally do not like the M when the two center strokes are short - but in this case, it works well to use up less space and that M complements the way the R-A-H-E are all high-waisted. On Anne's you can see how the crossbars are low waisted. I tend to be consistent, but it is fine to mix it up.

The dots between first and last name could tie in with the stamp. On the top one, the oval shape could be used instead of just a dot.

The addresses will be tiny white gel pen right under the names.

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