Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Dream Car - well, at least the idea is dreamy

The best part is that the artist has photos and tells how he approached the project. I guess I would do something more subtle. But, it is lovely.

Guest artist:
Viktor Pushkarev

Maybe I would like a faux-mail truck. The PO would not allow it to be too close to an actual postal vehicle. Way back in the 70's, I knew a hippie couple who bought a used mail van to turn into a camper. The PO required them to paint it in such a way that it was clearly not a mail truck. So they painted the red stripe - yellow - which was a fairly minor change. It was obviously an old mail truck. They removed all the postal wording - and off they went - camping and touring the country. When they got home, they said it was pretty funny in camp grounds when other campers would come knocking on their door with postcards to mail. There was enough of the original look that some people assumed it was still a USPS vehicle.

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