Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bonus Post

This popped up on Eric's blog. It is from Finnbadger and I just love it. Finn is not the first person to construct a tree out of rectangles, but he might be the first to do it with the removable code stickers that the PO sometimes gives to us as little presents to show us how much they appreciate our business. In a perfect world I would have endless space and time to hoard every scrap of everything and then use it to make fun stuff like this.

So simple, but so easy.
Need a quick valentine?
Turn it upside down and cut the trunk into to parts that will make the two top parts of the heart.
And don't over think it and make angles or curves. It's very happy being simple rectangles.
Of course the placement of the actual bar code requires a little thought. Study where the bar codes are and admire the skillful arrangement.

Kudos, grasshopper.

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