Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More Pitt Markers - to Sara Rodgers

Another set to show how really dull and boring and inept you can be with the first layer and then how much more fun it is with a black outline. I just barely started the white detail. There will probably be a lot more of it.

Sara does not have an H in her name, so I will have to find stamps that fit to cover up the error. We'll have to see if there is a lot of improvement due to the happy accident of my bad spelling. I guess in this case it is bad memory more than bad spelling.

If I were the empress of the universe, I would command that there is only one spelling option for each name. Or, better yet - rid the universe of spelling consistency. Why exactly do we need it? I guess we need accuracy in our names for identity reasons. I'll never forget the time I called the lab to get the results of a pregnancy test, back in the days when it was not DIY. The nurse gave me some random info about my kidney. I explained that I was not being tested for kidney issues. She said, "Oooops. There are two Jean Wilsons with results today. The other one is 57. I guess she doesn't want to find out that she is pregnant. Congratulations.. You are pregnant." Best surprise ever. Well, I guess it didn't strike me as best-news-ever on that day...as I was 35 and thinking that the boy and the girl were a perfect number and variety of kidlets...but 29 years later, his two older siblings agree that he's clearly the primo offspring. When asked if I have children, I always say, "Yup. A girl, a boy, and a surprise."



  1. I'm going to get my FC big brush markers out today. I need to work on my outlining skills I think I try to be too precise and when it doesn't work, I don't do it on future envelopes.
    I found out that I had been mis-spelling two of my aunts's names for years ~ Delores was actually Dolores and Judy is Judie. My name is unique and I was surprised when signing up for a colored pencil class online, the teacher who lives in Australia has the same name ~ pronounced the same way.
    Enjoyed your surprise story!

  2. Love your story about your happy surprise. When I was 15 my mother was pregnant, and I was not happy about it. Embarrassed was what I was! My mother is now 94, and my siblings and I thank God everyday for our baby sister who takes such wonderful care of her. BTW, speaking of unique name spellings, I'm guessing that perhaps my name and Alyce's are pronounced somewhat alike (mine sounds like "uh-lease")???

    1. Yes. I am grooming my surprise to be my elder caregiver. He is an excellent chef which is step one. Not sure if he will ever cotton to the household chores.

  3. Our names are pronounced the same! I'll tell people I meet that they can remember my name this way ~ when you rent an apartment, you sign "a lease". If I had a quarter for every time I've been called Alice, I'd be a rich woman.

  4. Yes. If I had a quarter for all the different ways there are to spell a-lease I could buy a cup of coffee.