Monday, October 13, 2014

potter rant no. 4

the top one looks ok in real life. the writing is in silver gel pen, so it will not show up in the scan. i like the idea of the guy standing in a window.

the bottom one...i could rant about how ugly it is (because the creature is some kind of mutant)...but we can just look on the bright side...i only have 6 harry potter stamps left.

maybe i will have some crazy wonderful brainstorm.
or maybe i can find something heavy to mail to miss cathy ...  anybody have any good ideas?

p.s. i pondered several ways to make these two into envelopes that i would just love. since i had left the street addresses as the last element to add, i had basically painted myself into a corner. sometimes, i love the challenge of being in the corner and figuring out a solution. with these two, and with the knowledge that there are 6 to go, i decided to just leave them very simple. there is nothing wrong with simple. and then i pondered how the whole set will look together. my gut tells me that if cathy ever decides to put all of them in a grid - and make a pleasing arrangement of the entire group, these two will have a purpose. somehow they will fit in with all their siblings. they will be the two quiet ones that offer some visual relief. i will refrain from pontificating about the value of having a variety of personalities in any given family or group. (unless someone really wants to hear it - hahaha)


  1. Your creative juices were flowing on the bottom envelope. The use of the stamp to make the C is great!


  2. thank you. sometimes they look better on the screen than they did in real life. and sometimes it is the other way....pretty in real life and dull on the screen.