Wednesday, October 15, 2014

neon janis for cathy

i tried the neon highlighters on bamboo paper. some of my pencil lines won't erase. i should have used colored pencil for the pencil lines. i've gone back and forth on posting this one. it has a multitude of problems. but, i think it would be fun to do some envelopes with the name on the top, the zip on the bottom and the rest of the info in a neat line through the middle. i even repeated the zip code for the p.o.
so, i'm ok with that portion of the idea. maybe one day i will redo the idea and make it more lovable.


  1. It is just great! The sparkly stars are the perfect touch.

  2. when i see it on the screen, i feel like filling in the Cathy with something...wish i had time to do some variations...