Thursday, October 9, 2014

potter rant no. 2

i'll spare you the rant on this one. there's just nothing nice to say about it. normally i would have a lot of fun with a witch hat. it should have been the A in o'reAr or cAthy.

i have no idea where i am going to put the street address.....

p.s. once again, i used *contrast* to solve my problem and i was very pleased with the results. i used a tiny .25 G-Tec pen and stacked the number and name of her street, flush right, up against the stamp. the witch looked like she was staring at the address, which was just the element that made me very satisfied with the results.


  1. Received a huge Harry Potter surprise yesterday, full of fun and ideas. Thanks, Jean!

  2. I actually like that you *didn't* make the hat part of an A. This has a very interesting look to it, there's something almost abstract about it.