Sunday, October 26, 2014

nibs and ink blog - update

quick update on the nibs and ink blog i started a couple weeks ago. i have added a couple more easy tutorials and will continue to add some. they will all be very quick and easy. i keep finding other tutorials that are already produced that are very well done. i will continue to post links to those as well.

to the right is a sample page from Erica McPhee. i met Erica (online) many years ago. she has started The Flourish Forum which is a fast growing internet group for penmanship and calligraphy. you can cruise around and read all kinds of information and check out the tutorials. and you can join the group and participate in conversations and ask questions.

there may be Fourish Forum members who are finding my blog for the first *HI* to anyone who has just found my blog. i have posted one new envelope every day for nearly 5 years. i have over 50 new envelopes lined up and ready to go. so if you enjoy mail art, this is a fun place to snag some ideas. sadly, nothing is organized. but, maybe i will find a volunteer to organize them into categories (i'm lookin' at you, jan - she has a PhD in organization)

the new envelope for today is in the post below this one - so scroll down :-)

here is the link to Erica's website:

and here is the link to The Flourish Forum   click on the teal button that says Enter the FORUM, on the right


  1. I assume you are not commenting because you are so thrilled about organizing 2,000 envelopes that you are speechless. We'll start on Wednesday.... :-)

  2. Would you be able to do up a script for me for a tattoo I want? I'm looking for something like the 2nd to the bottom!

    1. please email me at jmwilson411 at yahoo[dot] com
      thank you