Wednesday, October 22, 2014

from karen

this is from one of my newer penpals. there will be 4 showing what karen did while she was spending time out of the house, but parked in waiting zones. she included a note that she was not thrilled with the results. and i know how she feels. i frequently take pens, markers and envelopes when i know i will have some free time. but, they hardly ever turn out as well as the things i create in my own nest.
i'll have to pay attention and see if i can figure out why that it. my first guess is that waiting zones are usually full of distractions.

thank you karen for the mail. everyone enjoys seeing examples from other artists.

oh...i like how she had a nice hand cancel....and *boo* to the p.o. for sending it through the machine. we didn't need that extra wave pattern at the top. although it is not as bad as some of those wacky tire tread cancels they apply once in a while.