Saturday, October 11, 2014

potter rant no. 3

i really don't need to rant about this one. it's an adequate example of multi-tasking. checking all your white pens to see which ones are dried up. and it is a pretty stamp.

p.s. since i am on a roll with the design tips, i will mention that on this one, i used contrast in size to tuck the address in - under the stamp - and it looked very nice. very tiny white lettering that became the third element.

i only used contrast in size. i knew that i would not like to include contrast in color. the stamp has contrast in color.
i want to make it perfectly clear that i am not suggesting that the ways i chose to make my design decisions are in a any way the only choices or the best choices. there is no right or wrong or cookie cutter formula. things like contrast are simply vocabulary words that you utilize when you make decisions about where you are going with your composition. i frequently put 3 elements on an envelope. but not always. looking at this again, i can see that a big bold black address (rather than tiny and white) could have worked out just fine.


  1. Love the stamp. I've been collecting owls for over 32 years. I don't remember ever seeing this one before. Is it a current stamp? I've been using my white pen more frequently. I use the Signo brand. I had a trouble with one writing correctly almost from the beginning. I contacted the company and they sent me a new one. I didn't have any problems at all with the replacement. I wonder if the other one had been in the store's inventory for a long time.

  2. hi alyce: the owl stamp came on the folder of harry potter stamps. so you'll need to buy a whole set just to get that one.
    in addition to being old, i think if someone takes the cap off and tests the pen, then puts it back on the shelf, it can go bad. i thin that after you use them once, you need to use them up pretty quickly or the ink may *gel* - sometimes, you can heat the pen and get it to work again. putting it across the top of a lamp shade so that the heat of the bulb heats the ink is a good trick. sometimes tapping the tip of the pen on the paper will get it to start flowing again. i have good luck with gelly roll brand. also pilot choose is a nice pen - finer line than signo.

  3. the harry potter stamps are still available online

    or go to, click on SHOP then click on STAMPS then click on FOREVER and scroll down till you get to HARRY POTTER MULTIPLES - it will not show the owl until you click on the set.

  4. Thank you. I wasn't interested in the Harry Potter stamps so I didn't really look at the sheet. I have the Pilot Choose pens. I like that it's a thinner line, but I like that the Uni Ball is more opaque.
    I mailed my envelopes for the exchange on Friday. On Saturday, I received one of them in my mail box!!! I had my return address on the back of the envelope.