Thursday, October 2, 2014

karen's mosaic

the second one from karen, although it is showing up first. karen is a new penpal who took time to send me some mail. i always appreciate hearing from readers. it gives me things to talk about. on this one, she lamented a smear on the first stroke of the N. i covered up the smear with a white gel pen. i hope that is OK with karen. i am not opposed to covering up mistakes.... uniball white gel pens are very good. sometimes you need to let it dry and do a second layer.

thank you, karen :-)

bah - to the post office for sending it through a second machine. you didn't need to do that.


  1. That is a simple design that looks brilliant - so effective. Surely this fits into your 'stealable' category, Jean?

  2. yes, it does :-) although, i might have to dig into the archives and see if i already have something like this....i think there is one to kathy or maybe one from kathy that is a moasic