Tuesday, October 7, 2014

potter rant no. 1

o.k.  all y'all know that i have been having a heck of a time getting this harry potter series done for miss cathy. at least she helped me along when she sent me a bunch of brown envelopes. they solved my color problem. but, i just can't get my goofy little drawings to compliment the stamps which are photos. this idea is plum-pitiful. but, i just have to get harry potter off my desk. and brace yourselves, the next three are just as pitiful. the part of me that likes naive and outsider art is OK with this one. but sadly, i would not be eligible for true outsider art status. apologies to anyone who is offended by the use of the term outsider. i remember that it has been updated, but, the new term has not been sticking in my memory.

p.s. as you know, i write these posts a few weeks in advance and have them scheduled to pop up every morning. when i filled in the space with the rest of the address, i actually liked it a lot better. i actually *fixed* it. so the tip for today is to pick out one thing that does not bother you, ask what you like about it and then use that answer to insert more of what you like. in this case, i liked the contrast of the x-height of the lettering, so i used that contrast to finish the envelope - instead of trying to add another element. peter thornton teaches a whole weekend workshop on contrast. if you ever have a chance to take that workshop you will probably find it chock full of very useful information.


  1. I find these stamps tough, too. Looking forward to seeing how you fixed this one.

  2. Is outlier the word you were looking for?