Tuesday, October 21, 2014

guest artists every day - for a while

 for a while, i have managed to alternate my work with guest work. then, thanks to jan and the exchange, i ended up with a huge stack of mail. so, i am going to schedule all the mail that is on my desk and then get back to posting my own work.

or, i will add a bonus post on days that i have something to share in addition to the post of the day.

this artist did not say whether or not it was OK to post the name, so, i will leave it anonymous for now. he or she can always leave a comment :-)

a very fun sharpie design, lovingly outlined. the address was on the flip side with the stamp.
it takes a lot of self control for me to keep at the chores and not take a vacation day to do sharpie and outline designs...

speaking of markers, ruth asked me to discuss markers.
i never met a marker i didn't like. i remember the very first Magic Marker that my dad brought home. a little glass bottle with a felt wick. i only got to use it once in a while. most of the time, i had to satisfy my addiction to lettering at my chalk board. i'm sure chalk was cheaper than the marker.
but i digress.  click to see the rest of the comments on markers. i didn't want this post to be too long.

1. the best markers (if you can work with the bleediness) are Copic. but they have the most colors and options in tips. if you can afford them, they are a wonderful investment. you can buy the ink and refill them.
2. Sharpies are bleedy and I can have hours of fun with Sharpies. they are limited in choices of colors and variety of tips.

1. my favorites are ZIG. they come in a lot of colors, not as expensive as Copic and not bleedy. Good choice of tips. Drawback, they are not always consistent in color, but they last a long time. waterproof - so good for envelopes.
2. Tombos are nice. i would love them if i had a complete set of every color. i don't think they are waterproof.
3. cheap sets. off brands or Crayola. i actually love cheap markers. i use them a lot in classes because i do not share my good stuff with students. i like people to know that they can make beautiful art with modest supplies.

1. i love them all. Galaxy's are so much fun and even though they are prone to falling apart i still love the look of the opaque ink. Sakura makes Permapaque and i love them. not a lot of colors.

in general, i think it is helpful stick with one brand and have a lot of colors in that brand rather than jumping around and having a few of each.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens are nice. i love the ones i have, but it would be much better to have all the colors. it is frustrating to just have a few of any particular brand.

35 years ago i spent a fortune on a set of Design markers (bleedy). they were good for at least 25 years. not daily use...but it was fantastic to have them. if you are young, invest in one good set of markers. if you are old...maybe you should invest in a good set, but be sure you let your heirs know that they are valuable and make sure you designate someone to inherit them if you move to that happy scriptorium in the sky.

if anyone wants more chit-chat on markers, let me know.

DottaRific. love 'em.
Cocoiro. a fantastic tiny brush pen. love it. i think it only comes in black, but if you like tiny brush lettering, it's wonderful. i think Louie Lemoine loves the Cocoiro.
Louie has done lettering for Disney for many years. you can see samples of his work on his site....and his video of 101 Ways to Create Magic is a very cool video of the word Magic, written 101 different ways. the still images are on his website. if you want to see the video, google *101 ways to create magic* and watch it on YouTube.

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