Monday, October 27, 2014

happy autumn

this was a full page illustration i did for midwest living magazine last year. i thought i had posted it on this blog, but i couldn't find it in the archive. i was discussing chalkboard writing with someone and could not find the image. so i thought i should have it on the blog, so next time i want to show it to someone, i can tell them to just go to the blog and click the label for chalkboard.

sadly, jan did not jump on my offer to organize all my images. maybe she is out of town and will be getting back to me shortly.

p.s. this whole article won the top award at the art directors yearly awards event. Tara Okerstrom-Bauer and Hannah Agran deserve 66% of the credit. or more....they come up with the words and concept. i just figure out a way to fit things together and choose styles of lettering that work.

scroll down to the post below to see today's envelope. this post is an extra one - not in the pre-scheduled  group.

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  1. Stunning. The Finnbadger chalkboard envelope you sent me is still one of all-time favorites.