Sunday, October 5, 2014

neon janis for smash and alex

 these are both done with ink highlighters on bamboo paper which is very nice paper. i feel like i already posted the top one, let me know if it is a repeat. i am going to add some navy to the top one and i might ruin it. the bottom one needs something else, but i am going to let it go so that i can make some headway with my endless decluttering project.

after i did the chunky easy blocky lettering, i did some outlining with gel pens.

i don't think the scans do a very good job of capturing the neon-bright quality of the ink.

the brand of highlighter is zazzle. they are very old. i remember buying them back when i did travel teaching gigs. wow, that was a long time ago.

i added a navy shade to the top one and then took a phone photo to see if i could get a better impression of the color. the navy shade helps. it is still a little blah, but might get sent just to keep up my de-clutter-momentum.

[several days later - i put two more stamps on the envelope to smash-girl and like it so much better. wish the scanner did a better job with the colors]

also, there is a new post on the other blog
for anyone who is trying the nibs and ink

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