Wednesday, March 19, 2014

video no. 2

i added my next video to the video section, located on the [video] tab at the top of the blog. it shows me outlining a name that is blue and green. i ended up mailing the envelope without scanning it, so i just did this quickly to have something to illustrate this post.

or you may just click this link
and you will need the password
to view the video

password  -- envelope

there is no blog post for video no. 1.
i just added it to a post about an envelope. it is about outlining.
thank you to the people who posted comments.
i am way behind on responding to comments because i am uber-distracted with my new distraction, making videos.

coming soon:
polka dots

any other requests?

this is an image from the first video. go to the video tab above to get the link to it.

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