Thursday, March 6, 2014

my va-ca mail

i love this one. the sender was not sure if i should blog it since it is an idea that she saw and *appropriated.*
i really don't think that this is a copywritable idea. the lesson books for learning to write in the Spencerian style show crossdrills which are pages of writing one letter at a time in rows that cross like this.
it's an idea...but, i just don't see it as something so unique that anyone could claim ownership. it reminds me of the brouhaha over zentangles. maria thomas gave the name to the concept of careful-exacting doodling. later someone confronted her with the work of a previous artist who had given a different name to the same concept. she pretty much shrugged it off as - yup, it's doodling. and went on her merry way. so....i think the idea of writing in rows - up/down/back/forth/kittycorner/cattycorner - is just writing. and...i can think of about 10 variations off the top of my, let's see how many variations we can come up with. i know finnbadger is racing to his computer at this moment (cursing me for interrupting his day when he had other things to do that will not be getting done)

uh...*thanks* PO for the ugly red addition /:-(

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  1. another one that i was trying to schedule to appear in a couple weeks....but, it's fine to have three today. i have a bumper crop of mail to share.