Wednesday, March 26, 2014

smash series

here is one that smash sent to herself. as you may recall, she was going to send 365 envelope to herself in 2013. i wonder how many she actually sent. she shared many scans with me and they will be popping up over the course of 2014. this is a highly stealworthy idea.


  1. You can't steal this. It is already stolen.
    I haven't counted, but I'm near 365. This was a quest to leave 4 grands a handmade gift. It's going to be difficult to put them into 4 neatly ribbon tied packages and I have a new idea. Photograph the best 100 and make 4 books.
    That way they each get the best ones, in book form. Any thoughts?

  2. definitely make the each grand gets one. then, the next time they are all in one place, put all the envelopes out and let them take turns choosing their favorites, one at a time, until they are all gone, then tie those with a ribbon, or put them in a special box. if more than one chooses the same one for their absolute favorite...then, you will have to have a plan to negotiate who gets that one. it will be interesting to see if they all gravitate to the same popular ones...or maybe there is another way to divide them equally. deal them out randomly and then they could trade with each other.

  3. I like the deal them out and let them trade with each other. The book is a must, great idea all around.