Sunday, March 9, 2014

g-tec layering

this is from the desk cleaning in january. i found a whole stack of these radial layered scripts and rows of layered script. you could do the same thing with any kind of pen or marker. i found this stamp after the fact. it is probably better to choose your stamp first and then layer the colors you already see in the stamp.

i don't think my scanner likes to scan white paper. these look muddy. *sigh* scanners are so difficult or complicated.


  1. my scanner's not fond of white, either. sometimes i'll put a colored sheet of paper on top, but it doesn't always help.

    I am still fascinated by the 'star' shape the writing makes - it is stunning. I am sure there are a million variations of shapes you could make. of course, consistency of the lettering is what makes it look so cool - it would take me forever! the dark blue highlighting of the aqua/teal is fantastic

  2. the *secret* to making shapes come out symmetrical is to use pencil guide lines. i didn't, because i have a lot of practice in writing things consistently. but, if i wanted to do a really nice version, i would use guide lines.