Friday, March 7, 2014

bonus - undone

i took a stack of envelopes on my trip and thought i might make a few while sitting in airports. at one airport, there was a very cool desk set up in a long hallway. i am so mad that i did not take a photo of it. it would have been perfect to set up shop. it was outside of another office that was TSA. so, i suppose they would not have let me use the desk that was just sitting there....but maybe they would have. they swabbed my hands for explosives. i can't imagine why i looked like i had been packaging explosives....but, i passed the test.
this is what happens when i don't have a desk. i wanted to do something very fun with the stamp, dotting the i
but, after spending about 15 minutes searching through my stamps, the only one i liked was the forever globe
and i don't want to waste $1+ on this envelope.
i suppose something will eventually show up that will *go*
any suggestions?


  1. Jean... How about the white owl Harry
    Potter stamp? B/W with round eyes and the squiggles on the wing to match your zen like backgrounds. Really like this envelope! I am definitely going to purloin it.


  2. The $1 waves of color might work (although it has those red hues in it), if you don't mind wasting exactly $1.

  3. and ruth suggested the red, heart, seal -or- the kaleidoscope stamp -or- the geothermal stamp. i like all the suggestions from all of you. thanks. for now, it is the stack of *finish someday*