Thursday, March 13, 2014

my va-ca mail - finnbadger

thank you finnbadger for sending this envelope to me. i loved it when i saw it on your blog.
and i am really excited about the response image i found to send to you.
it is a famous phillip.
care to guess which one?

finnbadger does all his work on the computer. so, anyone who is not a scribe or artist, feel free to join in the fun using your computers. they are a valid tool.

note the way a postal worker took a sharpie to the stamp. aarrgghh. he/she could have at least drawn a cute hat.


  1. Poor Johnny! At least the black line doesn't extend past the sunglasses.

    I *think* this might be a picture of Jack Nicholson, not 100% sure. When I posted on my blog I wrote that it was glossy magazine paper, but looking at it again I think it is just thick regular paper - since it is in your hands can you let me know?

    Famous Phillips that I can think of... with 1 L there's Prince Philip, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Phil Oakey (from the band The HUman League - I'm guessing it's not him), Phil Collins, and Philip K Dick.

    Looking forward to seeing who it is!

  2. it is not very glossy. not very thick. reminds me of mid-century magazine paper.
    keep guessing on the phillips. i am 99% sure he is a phil you will have heard of. how could you leave out Phil Lesh (it's not him either)

  3. Philip Pullman?

    And thanks for the answer about the paper. Johnny's edges tend to be very 'hidden' on the glossy paper.