Tuesday, March 25, 2014

more ferns

two more fern ideas. on the top one i did the leaves with a brush marker. on the bottom one, i did the leaves with  the .5 end of a ZIG Writer.

on the top one, i added a layer of gray. the stamp clearly has black and i will probably try doing one with black rather than gray.

on the bottom one, the stem has a little reddish-brownish cast to it, so i used colored pencil.

trust me, they both needed that second color. they were really blah when they were just plain green and if you don't have an assortment of colored pencils, etc, just adding some plain lead pencil would have been enough to fix the blah-ness of the plain green.

lidian is one of those adventurous people who stumbles across the blog and then writes to me. thanks, lidian.

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