Thursday, March 27, 2014

my va-ca mail - 2 from finnbadger

finnbadger is making his own faux postage stamps.
you may see more about them on his blog.

and the lower postcard features the font he designed.

i love graph paper - and anything based on grids.

i am also a big fan of the *rule* of 3, which means i would have colored in one more square. maybe the A in the bottom row or the left square in the I. i am guessing that it would bother finn to be inconsistent. and there really aren't any, that is part of the fun of making things. making decisions. there are so many possibilities with this font - it's easy to butt in with opinions. i think we can download the font. maybe finnbadger will tell us where we can download it in the comment section.


  1. You're right, Jean, an extra small square colored in would have added balance to the card. This was part of a series of 12 postcards to match the 12 Pioneers of Industrial Design stamps. I used my Pacem letters, and only colored in the Ts (which look like + signs in this alphabet) or the center of the Os on a couple. One card hand neither Ts nor Os, so I colored in the square below the As. They'll all be on my blog eventually, as they were sent in for a postcard swap. I wanted to keep the design looking really abstract, not giving away too many clues to the fact that it is writing. The colored parts match the color on the stamps.

    I made my font over at - it was fairly easy, I've never done anything like that before, the tool is pretty straightforward, and you can constantly preview to see what your work looks like.

    You can download the fonts, although I don't think they can be imported into MS Word, sadly. Mine imported into photoshop just fine.

    I initially made a set that is quite small (13x13 pixels) so worked on a second set (22x22). I haven't done any accented letters, there is some basic punctuation included.

    Pacem13 -

    Pacem22 -

  2. This is really above my ability level. I'm kind of pen, ink and paper person, but I love the way it looks and the possibilities that are available to you. The 3 women who run my PO sure would be confused if I started making my own stamps