Monday, March 3, 2014


stella's is a variation on the gingerbread house lettering. it is also the first one where i tried the finnbadger suggestion to cut up stamps to make more interesting design elements. he's trying to see how wasteful i can get. not very. the only ones i can cut up so far are the italian ones that do not even have adhesive on them. but i am sure i will succumb to the temptation to slice-dice-waste perfectly good u.s. stamps. and the one to pam is my first Dubosch JUBILEE Script where i started to ignore the carefully ruled lines.


  1. I don't remember suggesting that... must be getting old!

    I like the DJS with Ray Charles - and the larger P looks great.

  2. i'll dig through the comments and see what i find. it is entirely possible that MY memory is foggy, shady, non-existent ...