Wednesday, March 12, 2014

my va-ca mail - christy

anyone who was reading the comments over the past 6 weeks would know that i headed out for a 2 week va-ca in january and due to weather, etc, it turned into a month or more. when i finally got home and you do not want me to detail the actual final trip that got me to DM....there was a huge stack of mail....including this one from a brand new penpal. it reminded me of jan 2013 when i was gone for a month and came home and found the first letter from smash which was a huge shot-in-the-arm for the blog, which led to tim-texas and finnbadger and cathy and candy and hester and betty and the other people that i might be forgetting this morning.

if today were international gratitude day, i would say THANK YOU in all caps :-)
christy clearly knows her way around with nibs and ink.
i will be posting a huge stack of mail over the next two weeks and little by little, i will also include my mail responses. show my gratitude, i added a page and a video. if you look up above today's post, there  is a row of tabs [wedding envelopes] - [award winners] - [videos]
click on [videos] if you want my tips on how to outline. sorry about the mumbling. i will try to learn how to put it subtitles.


  1. Having received my own spontaneous mail I know how great it is to find a mystery envelope waiting for me at home.

    This one's a beauty - that W!

    I tried to look at your video, but it is set to private.

  2. envelope

    is the password. i edited the blurb so that it is at the top, right under the link to the video. i suppose i don't need a password. maybe i will not put passwords on the next ones. i just did the second one. more outlining. next, we will do *how to make an envelope*