Friday, March 14, 2014

my va-ca mail - smash

this one, from smash is a wonderful example of uber-scribbling. she uses real nibs and ink or gouache. but, if you only have markers, you could get a similar look using bumpy paper. that's the layman's term for cold press watercolor paper. it's bumpy, not smooth like the hot press paper which is smooth, from being *ironed* with a *hot* iron.

my new favorite markers are
sakura pigma calligrapher markers
available from john neal
so far, the nibs have not mushed down.


  1. Everything Smash does is wonderful - she wrote on my blog that she was happy she found me - I am the one who is excited she found me!

    Can't wait to see what she, you, and other envelope artists do when the new songbird stamps are issued on April 5th.

  2. Finn, have you seen Jimi Hendrix? Have a yellow envelope in hand for my son who is a guitar player, collector. Love the kaleidoscope effect of the sheet

  3. The Jimi Hendrix stamps are great - so colorful. It will be interesting to see if they work with any of my envelopes.

    Great video over at about their creation.