Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my mail

elizabeth sent me several exemplars of lombardic versals. a while back i had some samples with versals and mentioned that i didn't really know much about them. so, if i have time, i will study up on versals and post some more ideas. in the mean time, you can all drool over elizabeth's envelope to me. i love the lettering. it takes a lot of time and focus to letter as beautifully as she does...but it takes no time at all to not plan ahead and have to be creative when the name is too long for the envelope. i hope all the beginners see this and enjoy that someone who is very skilled faces the fit-problem from time to time..

she could have just left the n in the o and not captioned the event, but she chose to add a few words to reinforce the lesson. very clever...and useful. or when she lettered the s and saw that there was not enough room for the o and the n, she could have skipped o and put in n and then found a fun way to put the o in, but i think the o is a prettier shape at the end.

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  1. And it still looks fantastic - thanks for sharing. Made me smile!