Tuesday, May 31, 2011

love vine kathy - first version

so, i said i would come up with a design for each garden of love stamp, used individually. this was the first attempt. i should have stuck with the gravel envelopes. but i didn't. so i had to keep adding, trying to resolve this one. i almost mailed it looking like this. but, tomorrow, it will appear with improvements. does anyone want to guess what's wrong with it at this point? there will be prizes for the correct answer.


  1. well...
    there is no address...
    and, i am guessing here, more dark outlines are needed

  2. Let's see. . .the big piece of tape might need interesting curves? Seriously, Jean, this series of yours is spectacular. It's fun to see what's next each day.

  3. i might have to block all the other people who just read and never post. yes, katy-kathy, it needs some darks.

    the tape is just to cover up the addresses to protect the last shreds of privacy that we have.

    although, by having our lives recorded on teh internet, we are able to find out interesting things like this:

    who knew that after i taught at rutgers, they went ahead and established a jean-wilson-memorial-day? they know me well enough to know that i shy away from social events.

    can't wait to go buy more garden of love stamps...i ran out.

  4. I actually really like this the way it is.