Sunday, May 15, 2011

more verticals

here are a couple more of those vertical ones that may or may not be ok with the p.o. if i am rested up, i'll do another post today. this is being written on apr 28th, in anticipation of the out-of-town wedding and i am scheduling a couple weeks of posts ahead of time so i don't miss a day. i keep wondering if i will ever run out of envelopes....i just hope i can find a system to catalog these and re-label them so they are more useful for teaching.

main thing to learn from these...go buy some non-white envelopes and white ink.


  1. this white ink is Ziller Ink available from John Neal at or directly from Vivian and Richard Mungall who make the ink at it is an acrylic ink, it comes in many colors
    and it is waterproof, so that makes it very nice for envelopes. you do need to add a drop or two of distilled water from time to time, to return it to the proper balance. the envelopes are from paper source.

  2. Tea Length invites were very popular several years ago but not seen any in awhile. Since the opening is on the top...and the invite text is along the short side, always thought 'proper' way to address was across the short length. Never heard of any delivery issues. Of course, clients who chose this WOULD have longest names and street addresses!!!

  3. to me, these seem as the perfect envelopes...the colors the style and the stamps are really appealing