Tuesday, May 10, 2011

from kathy

another source of inspiration. lots of artists cut up artwork that has not progressed as planned. i suspect that's what the large rectangles are. the little pieces are the edges from the pages of stamps. i used to keep all the backing paper from stamps and use the scraps in designs. in my effort to scale back on the amount of STUFF i have, i have thrown a lot of them away. i get a little sad when i see those scraps put to such good use. we could talk a lot about hoarding. maybe when i get around to organizing my international mail art conference, here in beautiful des moines, we can create one huge piece of art out of all the stuff that we have hoarded, but want to let go.


  1. thatis exactly what the squares are...seeing it now, i realize i should have placed the last two in an upward direction

    i also saved the bits between stamps especially on the pictorial panes...they didn't make the move but it has begun again

  2. This is simply beautiful, and a good reminder about how nicely a colored ground puts depth into a piece. International mail art conference - that sounds like lots of fun! We wouldn't need to do any name tagging either - just wear an envelope.