Friday, May 13, 2011

need photo- jungle envelope

if you click on ???
you can see the jungle envelope
in that post, i asked elizabeth to tell us how she made it
and here is her response:

As for the "Jungle Envelope" that Jean posted, it's a pattern I learned years ago from Mary Worthington, Seattle artist who had a self-published book entitled "Calligraphy Crafts" with lots of envelopes, cards, bags, boxes and wraps that one could incorporate calligraphy onto. This pattern was the A-6 Envelope.

An A-6 envelope can be made from an 8-1/2" square. Decorative paper such as giftwrap (in which case the jungle artwork is from) or slick magazine pages or old calendars can be cut 1/2" smaller (8" square) and bonded to the outside of the 8-1/2" square. For bonding the smaller square, you can use gluestick, SprayMount, or double-stick tape. Once folded into the envelope shape, a 1/4" border adds interest to the back portion of the envelope. I didn't want the edges of the smaller square to get caught in a mail processing machine, so I taped them down. (I was feeling lazy that day and the tape was handy). Will send you a pattern!

Jean also asked what the thin sticker strips were that I used for her address, and they are from CD labels for the spine labeling to appear on the side of the jewel case. The brand I've used is Fellowes "NEATO" CD Labels, with their computer design software for making round labels to adhere to CD/DVD. Now that everyone has gone to iPods, I didn't see these labels on the website, but you can probably find other brands.

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