Monday, May 30, 2011

black & white

if you look back to monday, april 25, the post labeled *chuck's border*, chuck sent me a very nice envelope with a border of tiny lines. then he signed up for the black and white exchange and said he did not have any black and white stamps. i forgot that they had just issued this one and told him i would look through my stash for some b&w stamps.

this one is not finished. i will put a bold black letter in each box to spell out his name. not sure how the address will go, probably in one line along the bottom. you probably need to click on the image to enlarge it to even see the little square. i finally took my own advice and used a pencil. i was disciplined for a while, filling in the little lines, then, it started to get too *labored*, so i busted out of the lines.

anyone wishing to exchange envelopes with other people who love to decorate and send envelopes can sign up by joining the yahoo group calligraphy exchange. i'm the person who comes up with themes. i take requests, too. each month i collect names of people who want to participate and then send out addresses and people send mail back and forth to complete strangers. it's fun. beginners are welcome. sometimes you send one envelope and receive one. other times, you send two and receive two.

here is the address if you would like to join

the group does not post very often, it is mostly a clearing house for exchanges. but, if you have questions, it is a good place to ask.

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