Tuesday, May 24, 2011

needs contrast

the two previous envelopes have been sitting on my desk asking to be fixed. i was not happy with them and figured they needed some darks. so, i went in with marker on tracy. i'm still not happy with it, but will probably mail it. on sara beth's, i added some of that furry collar which helped a little but not enough. at the same time these two were begging to be fixed, i had 70 others to do, so i worked out garden of love ideas. they will be popping up over the next week. gorgeous stamp. i blogged a few days ago about wanting to be first in line at the post office. i did go in fairly early and bought what i needed. later in the day, i went to a branch post office and handed them a stack of 12. they exclaimed, "oh, you have the new stamps. where did you get them?" as if postal workers think there are places that sell stamps...other than the p.o. i guess they just wondered which p.o. had them.

everybody seems to think they will sell out really fast...so, if you like them go get them right away. or order them online from usps.com i thought they always kept the love stamps in stock, but maybe not. there is a hohum white rose stamp that will probably be the one that they keep in stock. i really hope not, as these are very nice.

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